About SB Physio

SB Physio has been serving the greater Santa Barbara area since February 2015. After obtaining his DPT at the University of Southern California, owner Art Van Leuven returned to his Santa Barbara roots in an effort to open a clinic that would provide personal, quality care to the local community.

The clinic functions with an open community atmosphere, while emphasizing one-on-one treatment to deliver rehabilitative needs for outpatient orthopedic therapy. SB Physio stresses the importance of learning–be it with educating patients on rehabilitation and prevention of injuries or even with staff and students forging their paths in the physical therapy profession. Our therapists act as a team,  cooperating to provide individually curated therapy and exercise programs based on the needs of the patient. Ultimately, SB Physio passionately and enthusiastically serves patients to reduce pain and restore function to their lives.